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What you'll be seeing in this video (if you want to) is Envy, a post-rock/hardcore/indie/screamo/what-ever-you-call-it/fuckgenres band from Japan. The fact is that, they're brilliant, and have a huge following outside Japan, and among their fans are cool bands like Mogwai and Mono and me. And and and, guess what, in a few hours time, I'll be watching them live at their concert! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I'm so excited. I never thought that I'll ever get a chance to experience their music live!

I'm surprised they have a some sort of video clip for this song and that it was actually shown on that "s" channel thing in Japan.

Anyway, below is an epic EPIC song accompanied by an unofficial video, probably from a fan. Pls listen to the whole song. It always evoke some form of emotion from me everytime I listen to it. T__T

ARGH. Can't wait to be awed at their concert. Can't. fucking. wait.
Tags: music
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