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A weird revelation: Although I am presently immersed in K-pop, what got me into Asian pop music and entertainment (well, mostly Japanese and Korean) was from my venture into not-so-mainstream/indie Japanese bands like Cornelius, Mono and Envy (to name a few). I am not sure how I managed to veer off the path that way but it could possibly be this simple interest with anything Japanese be it low or high culture. I haven't been keeping myself updated with "cool" music but I stumbled upon this trailer for a documentary on Japanese indie music called Live From Tokyo and it's looking and sounding great. I probably won't be able to let go of K-pop (even if I wanted to) anytime soon but I guess I should at least keep myself updated with these other sub-cultures that got me into this mess in the first place. I have yet to be fascinated by any Korean indie music though (maybe k-pop's too huge of a force to allow any other creative music to surface).

Live From Tokyo Trailer from Lewis Rapkin on Vimeo.

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If it's any consolation, I must say that I absolutely admire you and anybody who has gone on to a higher education. I had taken one semester, couldn't deal with the stress, got lazy, and dropped out. For you to have come this far, that shows strong determination and great discipline. And that is awesome. ^_^
Dude, thanks for the encouragement. *sends LOVE*
I don't think the school system is meant for everyone. Maybe some people are better off without it and I've witness some friends who've gone on to greater things without higher education. I guess it's all about interest and how passionate you are in what you do. :)
I personally can't fucking wait to get out of school. I need to start earning some money and start a new chapter in my life.