H (karatefeelings) wrote,

friend of the night

I am going to watch Mogwai tomorrow night! EEEEEEEEEP! cantwaitcantwaitcantwait. CAN'T WAIT. XD

Also, i'm using school as an excuse for the lack of updates. well, it's partly true. school has started and it is eating me up alive and running my pockets dry. but it's been fun so far. i got the illustration module that i wanted and all i need to do for that module is draw draw and draw; whatever i like. i love it. today, i dragged myself to meet J at Little India to do some recce-ing for our documentary project and i was actually down with the flu and it turns out, so was he! it was hilariously pathetic.

Anyway, i havn't started watching any dramas of this season except for the Korean Hana Yori Dango. :D i'll leave my thoughts on that for another day. i'm not that big of a HYD fan but i thought the different approaches we get from Japan and Korea would be interesting to study. so yeah, another time. XD
Tags: music, personal
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